Camden Medical is an integrated and comprehensive high-touch medical home. We are founded on the principle that truly effective care is achieved by co-locating primary care, behavioral care, and holistic care. We deliver an integrated, team-based approach to your healthcare via a novel concierge approach. Integrated care works because your health is understood, integrated and planned from three different foundations of health (behavioral, allopathic and naturopathic). From each individual lens, we collaborate to create a health plan that is truly personal, sweeping, and complete..

Comprehensive Assessments
Upon starting membership, you receive a thorough and lengthy evaluation by an allopathic primary care doctor, a naturopathic doctor, and a psychiatrist. We review our assessments together as a team and create a health plan for you for the coming year. Our findings (which include a comprehensive review of your previous medical history) are stored on our clinical information system, which is accessible by you at any time.

For example, a client with chronic hip pain may benefit from working with a physical therapist, our physicians for medication management, and a nutritionist to improve the chronic pain from a previous hip surgery, while at the same time working with a pain psychologist and somatic touch therapist to address the the psychological drivers of pain.

Concierge Services
With the Camden Navigation Team, coordination of these services is handled by our dedicated front office staff. Your membership includes the 24/7 support of the Camden Navigation Team. Your point of contact into the Camden Navigation Team is one of the physician members of the Camden Care Suite.

Camden Care Suite
Our patient-centered approach involves a dedicated team of providers from behavioral, holistic, and medical backgrounds.
Clinical Information Systems
Ownership of your health data in a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud. Accessible only by you; shareable to others only by you.
Transdisciplinary Assessment
Initial evaluations include consultations with team members from allopathic medicine, holistic medicine. and psychiatric medicine. This enables us to provide a personal and precise approach to your healthcare.

Camden Navigation
Discreet and dedicated coordination staff to aid with all  support.

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